Is the stainless steel single or double walled?

The bottles are single walled and for good reason!

All you really want to do is ‘take any chill’ off the bottle. You need to bring it to body temperature and with the single wall, you can do this quickly and easily, by the standing the bottle in boiled water for 8 seconds.

The bottle has been specially designed to conduct heat far more effectively than plastic. Once it reaches its warmed temperature it will stay there longer also.

Is the teat silicone?

Yes food grade silcone - it is supplied with a medium flow (3m+) anti-colic teat. The advantage of the collar is that it suits all wide neck teats, so you're able to use any wide neck teat you prefer that is available on the market.

What is the plastic around the neck?

The Collar is made from a PP plastic and has been tested to be BPA FREE

Is the lid plastic as well, and is that what fits onto the bottom of the bottle for baby to hold?

Yes - The lid is made from the same material as the collar and fits onto the bottle for the baby to hold. There are also measurements inside the lid to measure formula or water etc.

What actually comes with the bottle - it looks like the stainless steel part, the lid, teat and collar of the bottle. Does the cap come, too, for use later with purees, etc?

The bottle comes complete with the stainless steel bottle, collar, teat and lid (that fits onto bottle). The Storage Cap (to convert the bottle into a puree pot or storage container) is available as an extra accessory if required.

How many mls does the Lion and Lady feeding bottle hold?


Won’t the steel be too hot for baby to hold?

The stainless steel is the most effective conductor of heat - the bottle itself will be a great temperature gauge for its contents.

Too hot for baby to hold means too hot for baby to drink! The contents of the bottle should be body temperature. Hold the bottle to your wrist to test the temperature, or drop some contents from the bottle onto your wrist.

Why didn’t you use stainless for the collar and lid too?

This was a decision that we didn’t take lightly. It is a known design principle that a softer material (BPA free plastic) must screw onto a harder one (steel) in order to make it completely watertight. If we went steel on steel you would likely curse the level of leakage that occurs, and shy away from the bottle.

What is so bad with microwaving anyway?

A microwave oven should not be used to thaw or heat formula or Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) as this can destroy some of the nutrients in breast milk. Be careful not to overheat or boil EBM also.

Why aren’t you made in Australia?

Our baby bottles were designed by Vert in Surry Hills, (Sydney, NSW) by myself and my husband. To our deep disappointment, however, we found Australia doesn't have the manufacturing capability to manufacture the bottles. If it did - they would be! They are made by a reputable supplier in China who we have come to know as responsive, responsible and honourable people.

Our over-arching objective in making these bottles available is to prevent little humans (of all nationalities) being exposed to bisphenols, which are linked to endocrine related disorders later in life.