The Lion & Lady Sippy bottles boasts practical benefits whilst supporting the hormonal and endocrine development of little people. 


This is the Sippy Bottle as a complete unit, including the straw, bottle base and collar.  


Parents have specially designed every element of this bottle from scratch. The specially designed silicon spout will assist a baby to transition gently from the bottle, whilst still using muscle-set in the mouth that is familiar, and a bottle that is familiar to them also. 


Yes - it is spill proof !! 


You can also make their cup really their own by personalising with their name or nickname!  This can aide in name recognition and maybe even stop a fight or two. 


Made with 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel
The safety of stainless steel lies in its anti-bacterial properties. Unlike plastic, stainless steel stays strong and durable day afer day ! I will thrive under pressure, and won't shed microplastics into cup contents. 


Our bottles are 100% recyclable 
Producing these bottles has resulted in minimal toxic run off . Compared to plastic, the impact on the environment is minimal ! If you need to, the bottles are recyclable. 

The Sippy Bottle - Available in 4 colours

  • Item Weight 136g
    Package Dimensions 14.4 x 7 x 7 cm
    Material Type  18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel, Food grade silicon spout and plastic lid
    Material Free  Lead Free, BPA BPS & BPF Free
    Care Instructions  Dishwasher Safe (base and silicon) handwash plastic
    Safety Warning DO NOT Microwave; Caution with hot liquids
    Uses Child Drink Bottle



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