Eco friendly, stainless steel baby feeding bottles, sippy cups and puree bottles

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Parents are busy people, we get it. Lion & Lady focuses on looking after you - so you can look after your family. 

Our feeding bottles are designed to keep your baby as pure as the day they were born, while adding convenience to busy parents and helpers.

Lion & Lady gives you the security of a feeding bottle that is easy to clean and easy to heat, while being sustainable, eco friendly and easy for little hands to hold, at home or on the go.

Everyone can be a change maker, an eco warrior - and it's never too early to start - one bottle at a time


Well known for its anti-bacterial properties, particularly in commercial kitchens, the Lion & Lady Feeding Bottle is made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

Additional benefits of the Lion & Lady Feeding Bottle

  • Heats faster than plastic in hot water, making it more convenient for travel and safer for your baby

  • Free from BPA & BPS = NO NASTIES

  • Durable and hard wearing 

  • Sustainable & Eco Friendly 

  • Accurate measurements inside the lid for travel

  • Anti-colic teat available

  • Designed with little hands in mind 

  • Universal wide neck is compatible with other teats  

  • Design grows with your baby


Lion and Lady draws inspiration from the Tarot card “Strength” which is the image of a lady taming a lioness. The message behind the card is that moral fortitude and spiritual strength are more powerful than brute force. Often something small can be a powerful catalyst for change.

Our sustainable, eco friendly, low-tox feeding bottles are all about creating small changes that will have big impacts on little people on a big planet, that needs all the help it can get. That’s what Lion and Lady are about – nourishing and protecting your family by using the earth’s materials wisely. 

Lion and Lady is 100% Australian owned and our range is made from materials kind to the environment and safer for you. 



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